Wednesday, 5 September 2012

SLEEP........AND DREAMZZZZZ..........


          It's my most favourite activity in life, other than eating,of course.
It amazing how powerful a tool sleep is. The urge to sleep is sometimes uncontrollable. This I have personally experienced during the proceedings in the lecture hall. It also amazes me that, when it is most necessary to stay awake for important reasons, the more and more drowsier we become. Our eyes slowly droop down and within a minute,we are fast asleep!!!

          During my study holidays this year, my yawning would start by around eight o clock,and by nine, I would be fast asleep on the couch with my book over my head to block the light from my eyes. But today during my holidays, I don't feel even the slightest bit drowsy till about midnight. People say that with will power, anything is possible. But in my case, sleep overcomes my willpower!!!

        Reading, generally anything on the bed,in my case induces sleep. Hence even if I am reading the most thrilling novel with ardent attention, I am usually out like a light inabout half an hour!!! Come to think of it, any thing which I do lying down, from watching tv to playing games on my cell, in the end, insigates sleep!!!!
       Generally, during the holidays, I dont like to sleep during the day. This is because, if I do, I have trouble sleeping at night. So one fine day, my mom was calling me downstairs to help out with some work. I was too lazy to anything at that point of time. So I just ran into the bedroom, pulled the blanket over me and pretended to sleep. I may have just been lying on the bed for just a few minutes,but supposedly I had really fallen asleep for about two hours. So at night I just laid in bed, twisting and turning in turmoil for about two hours before feeling the least bit drowsy! That was punishment enough for not helping out my mom that day!!
    Hallucinations are another commonly encountered event for me, particularly when I am half asleep. For example, yesterday, when I was travelling by train, I was occupying the upper berth. In the day triains, I am particularly very fond of the tomato soup being sold. So I didnt want to fall asleep and miss the opportunity of relishing my favourite soup. But sadly, as luck would have it, I began to feel drowsy!!! I then started hallucinating about buying and drinking the soup a couple of times. I must have somehow been able to hear the vendors voices screaming 'soup' and that must have subconsciously been the topic of my hallucination.
However I some how wokeup after about a half an hour. And this time I was determined to drink the soup. So I took out my purse and waited and waited and waited. A dozen vendors selling tea, coffee and biscuits must have passed by about half a dozen times. I was beginning to lose all hopes. Just when i was about to put my purse back into my bag, I heard a vendor screaming 'soup'!!!! And that just had to be the sweetest voice I had heard all day!!!!! The soup tasted amazing,Who knows? My constant daydreaming itself may have increased the savour of the soup.
      Lucid dreaming, wherein I am in control of my own character in the dream, is constantly encountered by me early in the morning after I am awakened by the alarm,but decide to shut it off and go back to sleep!! I tend to instruct my character in the dream to be adventurous and carry out seemingly impossible tasks, for the sake of being made a hero by fellow mates in the end!!!
    Deja vu s also becoming increasingly common in my life these days!! The thing that inrigues me the most is the mystery behind each one. The more curious I become about it, the more hazier it becomes.
    In my childhood, I used to have dreams wherein I was kidnapped. Using my wit and strength I used to somehow overcome the kidnappers and escape. On waking up the next morning, I would e filled with a sense of bravery and satisfaction!!!!!!!
    So to conclude, I would just like to say that dreams may have played an important role in making me the person I am today!!!!!
   As people always say, dream big!!!!!!! And never give up on your dreams!!!
   Which now, in the end, brings me to Martin Luther King Jr.'s famous ' I have a dream' speech. His mere outspoken dream could change an entire nation. Taking his example, we should all envisage a brighter future and never take our eyes off our goal!!!!!!!!!!


  1. well...its true..dreams do play a vital role in furnishing our lives..oly thing s v Shud nt dream all d tym ;)

  2. yeah once in while reality checks are unavoidable!!!!!!!!!